Make the big move, join our team!

We are not looking for employees, we are looking for business partners!

You focus on closing deals! We do all the rest.

We provide all the necessary potential customers! We take care of all the secondary tasks like: paperwork, tools, admin, marketing, customer service and more. Your job is to connect with your clients, assist them and close the deal.

We take care of all your leads and appointments.

We generate all the required leads in order for you to hit your goals. Our prospecting team schedules buyer and seller presentations for you. We will optimize your conversion rate by making you a master with the scripts and presentations.

Tap into the energy of the group.

We have weekly one-on-one meetings to ensure that you are hitting your goals. We offer personalized and continuous coaching and training. Our experienced brokers share their knowledge and assist every way they can. We organize weekly team meetings to motivate and encourage each other. We do group activities to keep you entertained and energized.

Make 4x more transactions than the average broker with our proven systems

More leads than you can handle!

We generate hundreds of Buyers and Sellers leads every month.

Revenue Increase

Increase your revenue steadily year after year without increasing your time worked.

Huge Database

Tap into and prospect within our database of over 120 000 contacts!

All the admin work done for you

Let the Listing Managers and Transactions Managers do all the admin and customer service for you.

We provide you with appointments!

Our team will arrange appointments for you to meet with buyers and sellers!

Why JOIN Us?

  • Predictable success

    In the top 1% of the industry, we have a culture of prospecting, and offer real support towards success.

  • Constant evolution

    Coached by top coaches in the industry since 2009. We are constantly looking to re-invent and improve ourselves. The brokers in the group become masters of prospecting, scripting and presenting to buyers and sellers.

  • 15 years of experience

    It allowed us to become masters in lead generation. We learned what to do and what not to do to be successful. The key for us is to surround ourselves with the right people!

  • A long-term career

    This is the ideal place for someone who wants to progress and evolve in the brokerage industry by having the chance to be part of our various divisions of rental, purchase, sale, investment , ISA, Rent-to-Own and others.


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What our partners say about us

Ariane Chénier-Gauthier

Residential Real Estate Broker

Jean Dabel

Chartered Real Estate Broker

Hugens Deshauteurs

Residential Real Estate Broker

I started out in the industry solo with its ups and downs, and in my first 6 months with the Cheff-Lanctôt Team I did for 70k in commission! It exceeded my expectations!

I was working alone as broker for 2 years before joining the Group Cheff-Lanctôt. I have been with them for more than 10 years now. The Group Cheff-Lanctot allowed me to master the many facets of real estate (the rental, purchase, sale and investment). I now also contribute to the vision and leadership of the group. Cheff-Lanctôt Team for Life!

I was in the telecom industry for 10 years. I joined the Cheff-Lanctot Team upon my arrival in the real estate brokerage industry. I made over 114k my first year, following and applying exactly the Cheff-Lanctôt Team recipe and systems. Direction next level!

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